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Top Ten C Compilers/IDE for Windows 7/8/XP

Programming languages are the medium that let us control computers through specific instructions. C is a language that has been popular for several decades now because of the maximum control and efficiency it provides to programmers. Though it is just one of the thousands of languages that is being used for programming currently, it has gained widespread popularity because it is easy to learn and follow. It is compiled language, which means that to write a C program, you need to run it through a C Compiler. This helps the computer to execute the program. The C program is the human readable form, while the executable is machine-readable. Various Compilers are available for different Operating systems, for example if you are using UNIX, you are using ‘cc’ or ‘gcc’ which is available for free on the command line.

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For a Windows machine, you need to download a free compiler or a buy a commercial one. Microsoft Visual C++ is a popular compiler, but is available only at a price that could run up to several hundred dollars. Here are a few other C Compilers for your Windows 7 PC:

Top 10 Best C Compilers/IDE for Windows 7/8/XP | Free Download

BEST TOP TEN c compilers and c ide

1: Ultimate ++

A  C++ cross-platform development framework which aims to reduce the code complexity of typical desktop applications by extensively exploiting C++ features. It supports Unix/Linux/FreeBSD (X11), Microsoft Windows and Windows CE and includes an IDE and a GUI designer. Ultimate ++uses the free BSD license and can emulate native widgets look and feel.

More info & Download: here

2: Eclipse

Eclipse Ide is an open source utility that provides advanced functionality for C/C++ programmers. Features include syntax highlighting, debugger and auto code completion – that make coding easier for new programmers.

More info & Download: here

3: NetBeans

This advanced open source ide contains features like semantic highlighting, automatic formatting, braces matching, unit testing, code assistance etc.

More info & Download: here

4: CodeLite

Codelite is an open source, cross platform ide for C/C++ Programming languages that can work on various OS including Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

More info & Download: here

5: MinGW

This open source compiler provides a set of programming tools which are suitable for native windows applications. MinGw includes a port for GCC (GNU) including C,C++,ADA and Fortan Compilers.

More info & Download: here

6: Sky IDE

Sky is a free multi-compiler, multi-view, multi- project and multi-profile c++ ide. It also supports other languages like java, php and JavaScript and has powerful text manipulation, Syntax coloring, auto complete, line tracker functions etc.

More info & Download: here

7: Dev C++

Dev uses Mingw port of GCC as its compiler and supports c language. Feature includes GCC based compiler, syntax highlighting, auto code completion, project manager and print support.

More info & Download: here

8: Code::Blocks

Code::Blocks an open source, cross platform and extensible ide for c++ -  which can be extended with the help of plugins.

More info & Download: here

9: C Free

This is a good alternative for the traditional turbo c compiler. This compiler is not available for free, but you can check this out for a 30 day trial. It is a small C ide, but is packed with good features.

More info & Download: here

10: Digital Mars

Digital Mars comes with command line and GUI versions. What sets this apart is its ability to compile and link faster than other compilers.

More info & Download: here

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